So I’m slowly but surely working on the second physical book "Love + Lust" so with that I’m finally OFFICIALLY opening submissions back up as well.

  • Same as before, ladies of all creeds and body types are welcomed to participate in the book. 
  • The theme of the book is split up into two sections - "Love" - sensual simple elegant. And "Lust" - more provocative with a sense of erotic. You can submit for each side or both, it’s up to you. 
  • Submissions don’t have to be fully nude. Do whatever you’re comfortable with. Some have done full nudes in the previous book, some have done implied nudity. Whatever is more suited for your comfort level.
  • You’re welcomed to be as creative as you want. It doesn’t just have to be “selfies.” You can incorporate the background, props, whatever. Go crazy with it creatively. 
  • Every one that helps with the book will get their own copy when it’s finally released along with a 8.5x11 print of one of the illustrations they helped inspire. 

So anyone interested can either send me an ask message or shoot me an email ( to talk about ideas and whatnot. If you’re submitting you can submit through here or to my email if it’s multiple photos.  I’m really trying to make this bigger and better than the first book (which will include a Kickstarter at some point) so all the help will definitely be appreciated. I thank everyone who’s supported the series so far. You’ve been awesome for that, for real.

Submissions will be open for the rest of the year. Let’s give the tentative cut-off day as January 15th for now.  

Don’t forget, all the previous RED Books that have been released are still very much on sale. Go and cop one today!

And next month, submissions will officially open back up for Chapter Two: Love + Lust but they are open at the moment as well. The details on how to participate will be released soon. 

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