1. A week from today! The first half of Warmth drops digitally right here next week!


  2. The female body is the purest form of art you will ever see.

  3. Now that we have a soundtrack, I can officially introduce the cover art for RED: Warmth Volume One. Yes, because of the unexpected number of submissions the Warmth book has officially be split up into two volumes, the second which will be released in the summer. That should give you all your RED needs for most of the year while I put in work on Love + Lust all year.

    Volume One is still scheduled to drop digitally on April 23rd.


  4. Last night BLAT! Pack beatsmith KuroiOto/ theblacknoise  dropped his latest instrumental tape Black, Brown, & White on Producers I Know. I teamed up with him to craft the artwork for the album, but in particularly there’s one cut that should peak your interest.

    Aptly titled "RED," this basically serves as the theme song for Warmth.

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  5. What’s good people? Thank you again for the support you’ve given the Red series so far. It couldn’t been that great without the inspiration from the women and the support for everybody. Speaking of which, the first RED Book is still on sale over on Amazon for $19 (plus shipping) and of course you can buy the eBook version of it as well.

    On to Warmth though. The cover to Warmth Volume One should be dropping on Monday. Yep, Volume One. The Warmth book is getting split up into two volumes. There will be more details on that come Monday so stay tuned.

  6. If there’s anybody who’s been one of the most inspirational muses for the RED series so it’s definitely myriadsubtletiess. She was one of the first to help pose for the project when it was just a bunch of illustrations to help me do more figure drawing. What I loved most about it was that she brought her photography eye to every pose she did, and I truly believe that’s what made them amazing. I can’t thank her enough for the help she’s given and I’ll always be up for working with her in anything.

    (Plug Time) You can still cop the first RED Book on Amazon or the digital eBook over on the Tumblr

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  7. shizukasmack:

    Thanks to all of the women who submitted for Warmth. Although the submission deadline is officially up, if you were in the midst working on pictures for the book it doesn’t count for you. Just get the pics to me soon so I can get everything together.

    But now it’s off to work on the book for it’s April 23rd release. In the mean time, submissions for Chapter Two: Love + Lust will be going on throughout the year. Those submissions are more so in vein with the first Red Book with celebrating the beauty of the female form. As always, if you’re interested in posing for it, send me an ask/fan mail for the details or hit up the RED Tumblr page as well.

  8. smackred:

    With the deadline for submissions coming up this week, now is the time to announce that the companion prequel book for the second Red Book is now officially called "RED: Warmth." Why “Warmth”? Because the book deals with all things that keep us warm in these cold winter months (unless you’re in somewhere like California if then I slightly dislike you). Hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, and the like are all modeled off by the amazing women who helped with the mini-project thus far. 

    Submissions for Warmth end on March 1st while submissions for Chapter Two: Love + Lust are ongoing throughout the year. The book is scheduled to drop digitally on April 23rd.

    The deadline to submit pics/poses for RED: Warmth ends at the end of day tomorrow. Anyone interested simply send me an ask message for the details and I’ll put you down in the book. All I ask is that you get the pictures to me before the end of March.

    Warmth is scheduled to drop digitally on April 23rd.


  9. 112 - Anywhere

    …did I really just upload this in celebration of hitting 112 followers?

    Yes. Yes I did. Thank you everyone for supporting the RED cause.

  10. I don’t think I get to say this enough but thank you to all the amazing women who’ve helped become a part of the Red series thus far. Without any of you this would…well, it would most likely be a bunch of blank pages and that’s not really artistic (unless you go to hipster art college). So I thank every single of you, from those who are my friends, the strangers, and the possibly well known. Thank y’all.

    With that being said, (yep, spam) submissions for Warmth are still open until the 1st of March while submissions for Chapter Two will be going on throughout the whole year. I can’t wait make these joints big.

    *I’m sorry if I offended any hipster artists. We’re all brothers and sisters in the Pabst Blue Ribbon art scene.

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