Behind the scenes look at one of the pieces that will be featured in the Warmth Vol. Two - the second half of the “Warmth” companion book to the RED Series, which will be released in August later this summer. 

While you wait for it to drop, don’t forget that The Red Book and Warmth Vol. One are still available for purchase.  And that submissions are open all year long to pose for the second chapter in the main RED series Chapter Two: Love + Lust. If you’re interested just send me an ask for the details.

And go listen to Mic Write's (rockthemicwrite) latest single “Day Job” off of his upcoming tape Morris Code: GREEN

Warmth Vol. Two announcement in the form of a SMACK! SpeedComic dropping shortly. Stay tuned! 


While I’m finishing up the artwork for Warmth Vol. Two, I’d be dumb not to tell you that both the current books in The RED Series are still on sale to cop. You can cop both The Red Book or Warmth Vol. One over at the RED Tumblr! 

Warmth Vol. Two comes out later this summer. 

Go cop a RED book for the summer! 

SMACK! Presents “The Red Book” turned 1 today!

One year since I started this good ol’ thing. All appreciation to everyone who’s support the Red series since its inception. Hopefully I can keep this artistic experiment going for a couple more years. 

RED submissions are now closed for Warmth Vol. Two but they’re open all year long for the second RED Book Chapter Two: Love + Lust (lingerie/nude poses). Women of all creeds, colors, and shapes are welcomed to submit. For the details on posing for the book, just simply send an ask/fan mail. 

Warmth Vol. Two is scheduled to come out later this summer (probably July-August). You can cop either the first chapter of The RED Book or Warmth Vol. One as well.